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Columba RJ26A Alloy Folding Bike Blue

Columba RJ26A Alloy Folding Bike Blue

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Date Added: Sunday 28 November, 2021

by Scott B

I wanted to get an on-road/off-road bike that would not take up too much room in our house, and that could fit in my car trunk. After searching the internet I found the vendor 2KSilver that offers direct from-China-to-you savings. Their Columba bikes seem to be solid, middle-grade machines with Shimano derailleurs. They have urban commuter type folding bikes with 20” wheels, and full-size bikes with 26” wheels.

I ended up getting an alloy-framed bike Col_RJ26A_BLU with 26” tires and 18 speeds. It is a gorgeous rich blue color. The alloy construction should keep it from rusting. I have been really happy with it. The tires and gearing are perfect for my casual on/off road use (moderate-length road trips or dirt/gravel trails. It has shock absorbers in the front fork and below the seat. The frame folds in half, and the seat post and handlebar assembly pop out quickly to make a package that will fit in a cloth bag. But it is a good machine at a good price even if you don’t care about compact storage.

One touch I appreciated about the web site is that (unlike some vendors) they were realistic about the comfort level for tall riders. I bought the recommended longer seat post, so my legs are not crunched. They used to offer an extended handlebar stem so you are not so hunched over while riding. That seems to be out of stock, so I bought some “Profile Designs Boxer Bar Ends” on Amazon that attach to the ends of the handlebars and stick up a couple of inches. For a teen or for shorter men or most women, these accessories would probably not be needed.

The seat that came with this bike was a perfectly fine, standard narrow seat. However, I find it painful to have my weight on those little “sit” bones like you are supposed to. So I ended up getting a big fat padded Bikeroo bike seat, and then putting a gel seat pad on top of that, for luxurious sitting comfort.

Bottom line: If you are in the market for a general-purpose bike for you or a family member, I’d recommend looking at the bikes available on the 2KSilver site.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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