Long Handlebar Stem (22.2x350mm)

Long Handlebar Stem (22.2x350mm)

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Date Added: Wednesday 14 October, 2020

by Stephen Brasure

I purchased the long stem for the Columba RJ26A Alloy Folding Bike. Since purchasing the bike in 2018, I've always felt that the handlebar was a too low if you want to ride with your back straight up and not leaning forward.

I am 5'10'' tall and at age 70, most of the time, I'm riding very casually and want to sit straight up. I have my bike seat adjusted for height as close to as what is generally recommended, which is I can touch the ground with both feet if legs are straight.

The long stem is a vast improvement. I just installed the stem and took a test drive and the difference is well worth the cost of this stem. Installation is fairly easy. Use the trick of prying open the hand grip with a screw driver and putting some liquid dish detergent in the opening created. With a little twisting, the soap helps to get off the grip. After that, just remove the shifter (if you start with the right end of the handlebar) and brake handle. Then remove from stem, slide through the long stem and reattach the brake lever, shifter and grip.

With my bike, there was one major consequence. The cables for the shifter and brake are too short to allow me to completely remove the stem from the bike tube. I can loosen it and rotate it, but cannot remove it which may make it more difficult for transport. I think I can work around the issue, but it is something you may want to know depending on how you transport your bike.

I think that most riders that are 5'9" or taller that want to ride the 26" bike with an upright posture will find this to be essential. Without it, I had a lot of weight on my hand, wrist and arms, which is fatiguing when taking longer rides. I suggest ordering it when you order your bike.

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