Refurbished Columba RJ26A Alloy Folding Bike Blue

Refurbished Columba RJ26A Alloy Folding Bike Blue

Open stock bike. Good condition and looks like new!

Ride in style with this striking blue folding bike. The lightweight 18-speed RJ26A can be folded within 10 seconds for easy storage and transportation. Its intuitive frame-folding function allows the bike’s frame to fold in on itself. The substantially sturdy frame is made with a lightweight but durable alloy. By detaching the quick-release handlebar from the head tube and removing the seat post and saddle from the seat tube and fold pedals, this bike can be folded to fit into a cubic space of 38"x14"x29". Commuting to work, exercising in the park, traversing camping grounds and mountain trails – all this and more can be accomplished with this top-notch Columba folding bike.

This bike can fit into the rear trunk of a compact car, like a Honda Civic 2000 or a Toyota Prius. We CANNOT guarantee that the bike will fit in all compact cars, since some compact cars may have a very small trunk space. An interested buyer should determine whether their vehicle’s car trunk can accommodate a folding bike before purchasing.

26" wheels, folding alloy frame.
Shimano 18 speed shifter and derailleur.
Zoom tracker 327v front suspension.
Rear alloy body spring suspension.
alloy front and rear V-brakes.
Shinko 26"x1.75" tire.
alloy rims, alloy crank arms.
foldable pedals.
quick removable front handle stem.
with alloy silver color cap & PVC black bell.  
front/rear alloy hubs.
alloy kick stand.
water bottle cage mount holes and screws.
Recommended for rider's height 5'3" ~ 6'0".
Supporting rider's max weight up to 200 lbs.
Net weight 34 lbs. Shipping weight 44 lbs.
Folded dimensions 38"x14"x29".

A user can watch videos for detailed instruction of the folding bike installation at Frequently asked questions.

*We offer longer seat post to whose height is more than 6’ and less than 6’2”. Please place your bike order with longer seat post 27.2(diameter)x300 mm order together. You will save shipping cost with combined shipping. The default seat post length is 10".


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