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Columba CF16A Alloy Folding Bike (Dragonfly)

Columba CF16A Alloy Folding Bike (Dragonfly)

With their colorful appearance and fast-moving wings, dragonflies never fail to catch the eye. No wonder those speedy bugs sparked the color scheme for this new Columba folding bike! The bright green and pink colors of this bike are lively and pleasing. The bike itself weighs only 25 pounds — an incredibly light model in the current folding bike market! This bike’s seat post height and handlebars can be adjusted. The bike can be folded to fit a very small space.

Super light, weighs 25 lbs.
Aluminum folding frame and fork, 7 speed, 16" wheels.
Front/rear V-brake, alloy rim, foldable pedals.
Kenda 16"x1.5" tire. front/rear alloy hub. steel kick stand.
Recommended for rider's height 4'6" ~ 5'10". Supporting rider's max weight up to 200 lbs. 

Brand new, 85% factory assembled folding bike. Riding with style and convenience. This light weight folding bike (only 25 lbs) can be easily folded within 10 seconds for easy storage and transportation. It can be fitted in a compact car's rear trunk, like Honda Civic or Toyota Prius. People can use the bike for commuting to work, riding in parks, camping ground, marina.

A user can watch videos for detailed instruction of folding bike installation at Frequently asked questions.